When Students Lose Access to Old Courses

What happens to my course sites at the end of the academic year?

In August , students are made inactive on course sites from the previous academic year. This means they will not see tabs for those courses and will not be able to access them. 

How do I save the files I need?

  • Resources and Drop Box: To retrieve a file, simply click on the item in Resources or your Drop Box. You are usually asked if you want to open it or save it to your own computer. If you need to copy a large number of files from Resources or your Drop Box, we advise you to use WebDAV, which will enable you to drag and drop files and folders from Classes*v2 to your computer. For instructions, click Resources or Drop Box and at the top of the screen and click "Upload-Download Multiple Resources." Click here for more information on using WebDAV
  • Assignments: review each assignment and save any text/attachment(s) as needed.
  • Discussion forum: locate any attachments that you need and save them to your computer.

Why are students made inactive?

  • To remove the clutter of extra tabs.
  • Some items in the Resources area may be subject to copyright restrictions that limit the access period to the academic year or semester.
  • Faculty may want to reuse materials from year to year and do not want previous years' course materials to be available to students not currently enrolled in the course

For Students who would like to be re-activated

If you did not save the files from a course and wish to be re-activated in that site you need the permission of the instructor.  Please contact your instructor and ask him or her to email classesv2@yale.edu with their permission to reactivate you in the course.