How do I join or unjoin a course site?

You can add yourself manually to course sites during shopping period. This may be helpful if you would like to view a course site that is not on your OCS worksheet.

Immediate access to a course site: It can sometimes take a few hours for the course site to appear in Classes*v2 after adding it via OCS, so this method will allow you to view the course site immediately.

Registration status: Using this method to join a site as a shopper has no bearing on your registration for the course. You must still use OCS to add the course to your worksheet and register.

Getting help with your Registration status: If there is a question about official registration for a specific course, you should contact your registrar. If you have trouble completing the process below, email

Note about guests: Guests to the University (those using non-Yale logins) cannot search for or join joinable sites. Administrators of these sites must add them to the sites manually.

Note about site access: In order for a site to be joinable, the site must be published and the site access must be configured to allow shoppers to join. During shopping period, all published courses are automatically joinable. At the end of shopping period, this functionality is turned off, but can manually be re-enabled by the faculty member.

Joining a course site

  1. In My Workspace, from the left-hand menubar, click Membership.
  2. Click Joinable Sites at the top to see a list of all the available sites that you haven't joined.
  3. If you'd like to join any of them, click Join underneath the site's title.
Joining a course site

Searching for a site

To search for a particular site or group of sites:

  1. Enter your search terms in the "Search box".
  2. Click Search (simply pressing the enter key will not initiate the search).
  3. Click Join to join the site you were searching for.
  4. After you click Join, you may get the following message: "There are no joinable sites matching your search of 'search term'", where "search term" represents the search term(s) you entered. However, you will see the site you just joined if you click the -more- tab at the top of the page.

Unjoining a course site

  1. In My Workspace, from the left-hand menubar, click Membership.
  2. Under "My Current Sites" at the top, you'll see a list of all the sites to which you belong. (This includes sites you have joined, and sites that you have been added to as a participant by the creator of the site.) If you'd like to unjoin any of them, check the boxes to the left of those courses and click the Unjoin button.
  3. Click the Unjoin button on the following page to confirm.

Note: If there isn't a box next to the course site, then it's because your membership for that course comes from the Registrar's database. This means that either:

  • You are officially registered for the course- to unjoin the site you will need to officially unregister for the course with the Registrar.
  • The course is checked in your OCS worksheet (during shopping period only)- to unjoin the site log into OCS, uncheck or remove it from there, and within 6 hours the site will be removed from your Classes*v2 list.