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How do I view and edit my account details?

Your account details include your User Id, Name, Email, and Password for the system. In most cases, this information is automatically populated by your institution's student information system. However, if you have permission to change your Sakai password, this is where you would do it. You may also update your name and email address here if desired.

Note: If this information is being updated automatically by the institution, any changes you make here may be overwritten, depending on the user permissions allowed by your institution.

Go to Account to view and edit details.

Click on the Account link in your My Workspace Tools Menu.

NetID login: modifying account details.

Unfortunately, Yale-participants using their netid credentials cannot change their name or email address in Classes*v2.  Their name and email address are populated from the official Yale directory information. They can however change their name in the directory itself.

To update your directory listing

Undergraduates & graduate students: Contact the Office of the Registrar at 432-2330

Graduate & Professional students: Contact your respective school registrars

Faculty and staff click here:

Guest login: modifying account details.

Guest login: modifying account details.

Click on the Modify Details button.

Changing your name, email or password.

Changing your name, email or password.

You may change any of the editable fields on this page.  The password fields always appear blank upon accessing this screen.  You may change your Sakai password by entering your current and new passwords in the fields provided.  Changing your password here will change it for all of your sites on this system.  Once you have entered your changes, select the Update Details button to save the change and return to My Workspace.

Note that your Sakai User Id cannot be changed.  Your User Id can only be modified by a Sakai Administrator at your institution.