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What does the '(name) became a guest in (course) on Classes*v2' email mean?

When a student chooses to convert to a guest from the shopper or shopper_ws roles, the instructor will receive this notification email.

The instructor does not have to take any action. This message is just to let him or her know that someone converted to a guest in their course. It is up to the instructor's discretion whether they wish to allow this person to remain in the course or remove them. For instructions to remove participants from your course, click here.

Some reasons why a student may have converted to guest are:

  • The student has registered for the course or is planning on doing so and the official registration hasn't gone through yet.
  • The student is not planning on officially registering for the course, but wishes to retain access to the course site, possibly because he or she is unofficially auditing the course or for some other reason. Students are notified that they must have instructor permission in order to do so.


If instructors have a question about a specific student, we recommend that he or she contact that student directly.

If instructors have a question about a student's registration status, please refer him or her to the registrar. We cannot answer questions regarding student registration status.

For more information about permissions and roles, please click here.

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