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How Do I Configure the TurningPoint Results Manager Settings?

Once a participant list has been imported into TP, instructors will need to configure the response settings as to how polling responses should be captured in the Classes*v2 course gradebook, e.g., adding a point value to the attendance setting.  to configure response settings, do the following.

NOTE: If response settings are not configured, no data will be captured in the gradebook.

Launch TurningPoint

Launch the TP 5 software client and click the Manage tab.

Select Results Manager

Select Results Manager

From the left-hand column, select the participant list containing the class roster and click the Results Manager button in the lower right-hand corner.

NOTE: participant list should be updated periodically due to fluctuating class roster, especially during the beginning of each semester.

Select Options

Select Options

From the Results Manager page, select options under Overview in the right-hand column.  Settings include Performance Points (for correct answers), Attendance Points, and Benchmarks.

  • Show All Columns: Click the button to display all possible columns in the Results Manager screen.
  • Performance Points: Performance Points are assigned to a participant in Results Manager for performance in a specific session..
  • Attendance Points: Attendance Points can be delegated to track attendance in Results Manager.  These points are added to the overall session points earned for each participant.  Attendance points can be hidden or shown by checking the option in the Results Manager Overview.
  • Total Points Possible: In Results Manager, this is the column that display the total number of points (performance plus attendance) possible for each participant across all sessions
  • Benchmark: A standard by which a grade can be measured.  A participant falling below the benchmark will display the percentage in red; a participant falling at or above the benchmark will display the percentage in green.
  • Performance Scale: A scale set to display a text or numeric value equal to how the participant has performed across all sessions.
  • Attendance Points:  The amount of points students will get for participating per session.
  • Session Threshold: The percentage of questions a participant is required to answer to earn attendance points (e.g., if set at 50%, a student needs to answer at least half the questions to get one point; if set at 100%, a student needs to answer all questions to receive a point).

Click the Close Button

Click the Close button in the lower right-hand corner when finished.

Going forward, any captured student response will have the response values added to session files as long as the participant list is selected during a polling sessions.