Guide to using project sites


Published:  All members of the site can view the site

Unpublished:  Only the site members with the role of Maintain can view it.  You may keep a site unpublished until you are ready to share it with the site members in the Access role

Joinable:  Anyone with a Yale NetID can join the site.  

Not Joinable:  A person with Maintain role must add other members.

Roles:  Members with the Maintain role in a Project Site have complete control of the site and can view everything on it.  For more information about Roles, see Permissions and Roles.

Note: For instructions on how to make your Project site joinable, see Controlling Access to your site.  For instructions on how to Join or Unjoin a site, see Joining and Unjoining Sites.

How to set up the home page of a Project Site

1. Click Home > Options (at the top of the page).  

2. Use the Site Information Display screen to: 

  - Edit the title of your Project site

  - Specify the size of your Project site.

  - In the "Description:" field, type or paste the information that you want displayed on your site's Home page.  Note:  The Home page is a good way to explain the purpose of your site and how it will be used. 

  - Make a web page appear as your Home page.  See Editing Content In the Site Information Display box, for more information.

3. Click Update Options when you are finished.

Adding participants to the site

1. Click Site Info > Add Participants

For Yale participants, add them by netid or email to the first box. If you don't know their netid or email, click Search Yale Directory and follow the directions to find them. You may add multiple NetIDs in the box, with each on a separate line. 

For non-Yale participants, add them by their email address to the second box.

2. Click Continue and select ‘Access’ from the available roles, then click Continue. If you want to add them as an administrator, select the 'maintain role'.

3. Choose whether or not to send a generic email notification to the participants.

4. Click Continue and then Finish.

NOTE: you may prefer to send your own email to all participants informing them about the site in which case you would not opt for the automatic notification.

What can you do with a Project site ?

Send email to participants with the Message tool.  For more information about emailing participants, see Messages.  

Create Folders in Resources to organize the documents you wish to share with the site members. For more infromation on how to use the Resources tool, see Resources.

You can create and manage groups.  For more information about controlling access and managing groups, see Site Info.

For more information about Project sites, see Course and Project sites.