What's New for Classes*v2 - August 1, 2015 Release Notes

The maintenance on Classes*v2 on August 1st was completed successfully.  The details of the changes/fixes included in that scheduled outage is provided below. No course files were deleted during this time and most features were untouched and should continue to function as normal.  There are three another planned maintenance windows scheduled for August 10th and 12th from 6am - 9am and August 14th from 6am to noon. Please save all work and log out prior to each window to ensure no work is lost.

Overview and Highlights

Syllabus  Student access to syllabus restored in Syllabus, Syllabus Browser, and OCI.

Web Space  Broken links to Web Space sites have been resolved.

Polls Polls tool restored.

Course Reserves Course Reserves tool implemented.


  • Email appearance: All emails sent via the Email tool will now show the sender’s email address in the “From” field instead of the generic “Postmaster” email address.

Course Reserves

  • Course Reserves: Course Reserves tool was implemented.  For more information about the Course Reserves tool, see the complete Course Reserves guide.


  • Sending copies of messages: Modified tool so that the checkbox for sending a copy of message to the recipients’ email address is selected by default. Users may still uncheck this feature if desired.

My Workspace

  • Aesthetics: Slight modification to look and feel of the My Workspace area to make it more consistent and user friendly.


  • Polls Tool: The Polls tool was restored.  For more information on the Polls tool, see the complete Polls guide.


  • Date restrictions on items: Show/Hide dates on resource items now applies dates restrictions correctly to ensure that students only have access to resources during the specified dates.
  • Copyright status on multiple file upload: Resolved issue where instructors were unable to add copyright status when adding multiple files into the Resources area.
  • Uploaded Files - Add Details: Resolved broken “Add details for this item” tool for new files being uploaded into the Resources area.
  • Deleting/Restoring items: Deleted resources will now be purged daily. If you delete a resource, you will need to restore the item before the daily purge process.

Site Info

  • Aesthetics: Updated look and feel of several sections within the Site Info area to make site more consistent.

Syllabus / Syllabus Browser / OCI

  • Access to syllabi: Syllabus and Syllabus Browser tools reverted to older version to fix issues with syllabi availability within OCI and to ensure that only users that have logged in can access the syllabi.

Web Space

  • Web Space broken links: Updated tool to fix broken links and restore access to Web Space sites.

Unused Tools

  • Removal of unused tools: To streamline the instructor experience and remove clutter, certain tools/buttons not used by Yale faculty within the Site Info, Resources, and Roster areas have been removed.


  • Syllabus:  Bug preventing instructors from deleting Syllabus Items.
  • MediaGallery:  Bug preventing instructors and teaching assistants from downloading media.
  • Membership:  Bug preventing instructors from receiving email notification when a user changes to “guest” role.