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What's the difference between 'shopper' and 'shopper_ws'?

You've probably seen students listed as 'shopper' or 'shopper_ws' in your course site under Site Info, but do you know what the difference between the two designations are? 

The main distinction between the 'shopper' and 'shopper_ws' roles is how the student joined the course site.


The 'shopper_ws' role is an 'official' role, which results from a student adding the course on OCS and checking the box to add it to their worksheet (where the 'ws' comes from). That role syncs with the Registrar's data, so no one can be added manually in this role without resulting in their removal from the site.


The 'shopper' role is assigned when the individual joins the course site through Classes*v2. This can be done through one's my*workspace (home) page and clicking on Membership in the left-hand menu. After finding the course they wish to join, they would click the 'join' link. This is how some auditors join the course, as well as students who just want to view the course material at the beginning of the semester. Although students can join a course site this way, official registration is processed only through the Registrar's system. Administrators in the course site - those with the 'instructor' or 'TA' roles -  have the option of making the course site unjoinable at any time (click here for instructions). This will block anyone from joining as 'shopper' but will have no impact on the presence of shoppers_ws coming in from OCS.

What happens at the end of shopping period

At the end of shopping period, the role of individuals who have registered for the course converts to 'student'. Those who formerly had the role of 'shopper' or 'shopper_ws' are asked to convert their role to 'guest' if they wish to remain in the course. Immediately afterwards, all those remaining with 'shopper' and "shoppers_ws" roles will be removed from your site, and the site will become unjoinable to new people. Administrators in the course site - those with the 'instructor' or 'tf' roles - may choose to make the site joinable again (click here for instructions).

Important Notes

  • The Registrar's Office is actively encouraging students to review and update their OCS selections regularly in an effort to provide more accurate course demand statistics. Please note that when you review your rosters in Classes*v2 only students who appear as 'shopper_ws' have officially indicated their interest via OCS.
  • The list of site participants you see in Classes*v2 will not always provide an accurate estimate of the number of students who will ultimately register. We strongly recommend using the Registrar’s OCS Course Demand Statistics and previous class enrollment data as better guides to predict enrollment. 
  • Both of these roles possess the same permissions in the course site- that of a 'student' or 'guest'.
  • Please contact the Registrar's Office if you have questions about the status of students' enrollment in your class. Our system reflects the data from that office.