What’s New for Classes*v2

The functionality you have come to depend on in Classes*v2 will remain similar, or in many cases exactly the same. The upgrade only impacts the user interface and underlying security, stability and accessibility. No content or files will be deleted. All course and project sites, as well as associated content, will still be available after the upgrade. 

As always, please contact us at classesv2@yale.edu or (203) 432-9000 with any questions.

Overview and Highlights

Announcements Reorder announcements by dragging and dropping or by sorting.

Assignments Enable peer assessment and group submission of assignments. You can also hide due dates, and download all assignments at once for easier grading.

Drop Box Upload a file to multiple students’ Drop Box folder at the same time.

Forums New interface and more options for setting permissions.

Gradebook Extra credit for specific items or entire categories.

Resources Drag-and-drop uploading of multiple files at once, ability to recover deleted files, and the ability to make a direct link to a resource folder in the left-hand navigation menu of your site.

Site Info Create joinable groups, and remove tools more easily.

Syllabus Completely redesigned, allows bulk update of syllabus items. Click here for a guide on uploading your syllabus.

Tests & Quizzes Several new question types and features, event logging (i.e. start, duration, and submission of test), and a new interface for quiz setup.

My Workspace Reorganize tabs more easily.

General The tf role has been renamed “Teaching Assistant”. You can now create a direct link to a specific tool. Many performance improvements and close to 2,000 bug fixes.


  • Reorder announcements: using a drag and drop editor. Sorting by subject, author, or modified date is also possible.
  • Hide empty open/close dates: any announcement with empty open or close dates will have those fields automatically hidden.
  • Merge announcements: link the announcement tools of more than one site so that an announcement made in a central site is pushed to the other sites as well.
  • Drafts are marked more clearly: it’s easier to tell that announcements are in draft state because they now have the word “Draft” added to the front in addition to being grayed out.
  • For more detail, see the complete Announcements guide


  • Hide due date: instructors may now make the due date for an assignment hidden from students. This is especially helpful in cases where there is no due date for an assignment. 
  • Group submissions: designate an assignment as a group assignment allowing any member of a group to submit on behalf of the rest of their classmates. Grading is streamlined too; Instructors assign one grade to the group and it gets applied to all members instantly.
  • Send comments to Gradebook: for any assignments that are linked to a gradebook  item and have comments, those comments are sent directly to the item in the gradebook when an instructor grades and releases the item.
  • Peer assessment: ability for peers to access one another’s assignments.
  • Download all assignments: at once for easier grading.
  • Assignment resubmission notification: for assignments in which resubmissions are allowed, students can receive a notification email when the assignment is graded and they are able to resubmit it.
  • For more detail, see the complete Assignments guide

Chat Room

  • Allowed posting dates: additional controls added to allow chat room start and end dates.
  • For more detail, see the complete Chat Room guide

Drop Box

  • Upload to multiple folders: added ability to upload one or more files into all or select students’ drop box folders simultaneously.
  • For more detail, see the complete Drop Box guide


  • Permissions: ability to assign and edit forum permissions on a much more granular scale. Cli ck here for more information.
  • Ranks: use ranks to identify people based on their post count or to denote certain individuals, such as the teaching staff within a class. 
  • Move threads across topics: new feature adds ability to move conversation threads from one topic to another with a few a clicks.
  • Unread messages: improved the main screen area which shows the unread messages count.
  • Poster statistics: clicking a user’s name anywhere in forums redirects to the poster statistics screen, allowing for easier grading and review of activity.
  • For more detail, see the complete Forums guide


  • Grade event log: added a complete date and timestamp to the grade log for every grade activity entered.
  • Extra credit: instructors may now choose and identify an individual item or an entire category as extra credit.
  • For more detail, see the complete Gradebook guide

My Workspace

  • New name: has been renamed from my*workspace
  • Reorganize tabs: more easily by dragging and dropping or using keyboard shortcuts.


  • Tool permissions: a site maintainer may now modify permissions easily from almost any tool using the provided action button.


  • Drag and drop upload: users now have the ability to drag and drop one or more files into resources. In addition, the Chrome browser supports whole directory (folder) uploads. Click here for more information.
  • Hidden directories with accessible content: make resources available to students without making the folders visible in Resources. An added feature now allows the ability to indicate that the directory should be hidden but its contents should be visible to students wherever used.
  • Direct link to Resource item: added the ability to quickly create a new web content page - a link in the left-hand navigation menu - to an item in Resources.
  • For more detail, see the complete Resources guide


  • Categories: new category field allows grouping and sorting of different types of events.
  • Attendance: added attendance feature allows a meeting coordinator to quickly view a list of potential attendees via link provided on the main screen.
  • For more detail, see the complete Sign-up guide

Site Info

  • Edit tools page: to remove tools you can click the red X button instead of looking through the entire list of tools and unchecking the ones you don’t want.
  • Joinable groups: make groups that students can join themselves.


  • Complete redesign: Syllabus has been redesigned and now includes many requested features like inline editing, drag and drop reorder of items, open/close dates, visibility controls, Calendar linking, and more.
  • Click here for a guide on uploading your syllabus.
  • For more detail, see the complete Syllabus guide

Tests & Quizzes

Pending and Published Assessments: are now in tabs instead of being listed above one another, and have been renamed Working and Published Copies.

  • New question types: calculated questions, extended matching items, and survey- matrix of choices.
  • Multiple choice: all or nothing option.
  • Settings page: now uses an accordion menu that’s easier to use.
  • Question pools: unshare question pools.
  • Event log: details student events on assessments by displaying timestamps of starting and submitting as well as duration.
  • Print: ability to print an assessment to take on paper.
  • For more detail, see the complete Tests & Quizzes guide