Delegated Access

What is Delegated Access?

Delegated Access is a way for individuals to have administrative access to a course site without appearing on the course roster. This is ideal for situations in which someone needs access to many different course sites, such as an entire department or school. If s/he were to be added to the course sites as a Teaching Assistant, s/he would receive all the notifications from the course and the course would appear in her/his My Active Sites tab. Otherwise, Delegated Access has the same level of permissions as a Teaching Assistant has, it's just a few more steps to access the course.

Some important notes:

  • Even though you do not appear on the roster, changes you make are still tracked by your Yale NetId.
  • Viewing the site does not make it appear in your My Active Sites list. You would have to add yourself to the roster.
  • It can take up to a day for Delegated Access to take effect after it has been requested for you.

Why do I need Delegated Access?

You need access to multiple sites in a Professional School (Divinity, Nursing, Management, Public Health) or need site-level access to course sites (i.e. you are a librarian, dean, etc.).

How do I get Delegated Access?

You must request it by emailing

You must have the appropriate authority to request administrative access to course sites.

How do I access a site via Delegated Access?

Go to the Delegated Access tool

Go to the Delegated Access tool

Click on Delegated Access from My Workspace

Find site

You can find a site in two ways:

  1. Search by site, user, or term
  2. Expand hierarchy nodes

Search by site, user, or term.

Search by site, user, or term.

Search by site: enter all or part of site title in Site field.

Search by user: enter user name or ID in User field.

  • Select Instructor to find all sites in which the user has a role with site.upd permission enabled.
  • Select Member to find all sites to which the user belongs, regardless of role/permissions.

Search by term: select from the Term menu.

After providing search information, click Submit Query.

Expand hierarchy nodes

Expand hierarchy nodes

Expand the appropriate hierarchy nodes to find the site.

Access site

Once you have found the appropriate site, click on it. The site will open in a new tab/window.

Note: The tools and capabilities available to you in a site will depend on how your particular delegated access has been configured. If you do not have the correct access, please contact for further assistance.