Classes*v2 Copyright and Appropriate Use Guidelines

All users of Classes*v2 should follow Yale guidelines concerning appropriate use of information technology, which includes the sharing of material that may be protected under copyright or policies including the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Note about HIPAA Data

Classes*v2 sites should never be used for sharing any electronic health information protected under the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Use of Copyrighted Material

Copyright law governs (among other activities) the copying, display, and use of software and other works in digital form. The law permits use of copyrighted material without authorization from the copyright holder for some educational purposes (protecting certain classroom practices and “fair use,” for example), but an educational purpose does not automatically mean that the use is permitted without authorization.

Student Use of Materials

Course materials provided on Classes*v2 are to be used solely within the Yale community and solely for academic purposes. Printing or downloading a copy of materials for your personal use is generally permissible, but you should not publish or repost these materials in any other environment without explicit permission of the instructor responsible for managing the course site.  For more information on the use of course material by students, please see the Undergraduate Student Regulations.

Strategies for Restricting Access to Protected Materials

Although the Classes*v2 support team cannot provide legal advice on when the sharing of protected materials may be appropriate, we are happy to provide information on strategies for restricting access to protected materials. These include:

  • Using the Classes*v2 Course Reserves tool, in coordination with the University Library
  • Providing a copyright statement for uploaded materials in Resources
  • Limiting access to protected materials to specific groups of site participants
  • Controlling the duration of access to copyright-protected materials in Resources
  • Notifying site participants that protected materials may not be copied or redistributed.

Yale University Guidelines and Policies

The links below are provided as a courtesy to Classes*v2 users. Questions about University policy should be addressed to the appropriate office named in each web site.

ITS policies, procedures & guidelines:

HIPAA Security:


SSN policy:…

Yale Office of the General Counsel, “Copyright: Introduction”:

Yale Office of the General Counsel, “TEACH Act Guidelines”:

Yale Office of the General Counsel, “Fair Use Tool”:

Yale University Library copyright guidelines:

Off-campus Sources of Information

U.S. Copyright Office, “Fair Use”:

American Library Association, “The TEACH Act and some Frequently Asked Questions”:

Copyright Clearance Center, “Using Course Management Systems” (PDF):