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How do I change permissions for the Feedback tool?

By default, in a course site only officially registered students can leave feedback, and only instructors can view feedback. These instructions will show you how to change permissions to allow other roles to leave or view feedback.

In the site, click the Feedback tool link on the left-hand menu.

Click the Permissions link on the Feedback menu bar at the top.

Default settings

These are the default permission settings for the tool. Only the instructor role can delete and view, and only the student role can create feedback. Depending on which checkboxes you select, you can allow any role to create, view, or delete feedback. These instructions are not a recommendation; it is up to you as the instructor to determine the appropriate permissions for your course. 

To allow those individuals listed as shopper, shopper_ws, guest, or auditor to create feedback (or any combination you want), click the checkboxes in the first row under those columns.

To allow individuals with the tf role to view or delete feedback, click the checkboxes in the second two rows under the tf column.

Be sure to click the Save button when you are done making changes.