What is the Feedback Tool?

The feedback tool is useful for instructors who wish to encourage students to give feedback without identifying themselves. It can encourage comments from students who might otherwise feel reticent about speaking up in class or approaching the instructor in person.

To access this tool, select Feedback in the Tool Menu of your site

How the Feedback tool works

  • The instructor and students will see the Feedback tool in the left-hand menubar
  • Students can post a message that only the instructor can see
  • The instructor will receive an email notification once per day if any feedback has been posted

Who can send feedback through this tool?

In a course site, only officially registered students are permitted to send feedback (this means that anyone with the guest, shopper, or shopper_ws roles cannot send feedback). 

Instructors can opt to open feedback to other course members by clicking Permissions on the top menubar and editing the permission settings. Click here for instructions.

In a project site, anyone with the access role may send feedback. 

Click here to view instructions for leaving feedback in a site or seeing the student view of the Feedback tool.

Who can view or delete feedback through this tool?

  • In a course site, only the instructor can view or delete the feedback (not a tf). 
  • In a project site, only the maintainer can view or delete the feedback.
  • Click here to view instructions for viewing or deleting feedback.


  •  Students may not notice that the Feedback tool has been added. We advise that you let the students know that the Feedback tool is available to them and encourage them to use it.
  • Since you cannot enter in prompts or questions directly into the tool, we recommend you let your students know what you would like them to address ahead of time.
  • The Feedback tool may be renamed to anything you wish. Click here for instructions on how to do this.