What are project sites?

Project sites are designed to facilitate collaboration. You can invite anyone you wish to join your project site.

Project sites are typically worksites where a project director, team, or committee can make announcements, engage in online discussions, and share resources such as documents or links to other web sites. Project sites have all of the same tools available as course sites; however, they are typically not associated with credit course sections or academic terms.

Examples of how project sites are used at Yale

  • Multi-section courses: instructors use project sites to share teaching ideas, sample assignments and organize meetings. The course director has the role of Maintain and manages the site. Instructors use Resources to share documents and the email tool to communicate with each other.
  • Academic departments: use Resources to share documents from applicants or for developing materials for course proposals. This enables committee members or course developers to share documents in Resources.
  • Research groups: add non-Yale collaborators and use Resources for sharing documents.
  • Web Sites: Instructors who re-use course web sites each year add the Web Space tool to a project site to create and maintain a site with a user-friendly URL. The Project site is effectively a repository for the course web site which is updated each year. The instructor then simply places a link to the WebSpace site in the current course on Classes*v2.

How to request a Project Site

Please email classesv2@yale.edu with the following:

Subject of email: Classes*v2 Project Site request

  • NetID
  • First and Last Name
  • Email
  • Role (Faculty, Staff, Student, or Guest)
  • Desired Project Site Title (must be under 25 characters including spaces)
  • Brief description of the purpose of this project site
  • Approx. number of participants
  • Will there be non-Yale participants?
  • Which school is this site primarily affiliated with?

Omission of any fields above will result in your project site creation being delayed.

You can expect your site to be created within two business days. Requests of more than one site at a time may take longer.

Default participant roles for project sites.

The default roles in project sites are:

  • Maintain: The Maintain role has full permissions throughout the site, including the ability to publish the site and set its global access. The Maintain role can read, revise, delete, and add both content and participants to a site.
  • Access: The Access role can read content and add content to a site where appropriate.

Restrictions on the information and data that is exchanged and stored in Project Sites

Classes*v2 project sites should not be used for sharing HIPAA-protected documents.

Yale Classes*v2 is a useful tool for courses, committees and projects, but please be aware of University policies, procedures & guidelines especially in regards to the use of confidential or protected information.

If you have any questions about appropriate safeguards for specific data or information please contact the Information Security Office: security@yale.edu or http://security.yale.edu/.